3 Healthy Things Your Kids Should Do

Parenting is a challenge. There’s no instruction manual, and you’re often forced to make the hard decisions yourself. Although we may act like, none of us have it all together, yet we all try our best to keep our kids happy and safe.


Raising a healthy kid is important not just for today and their general development, but also for their healthfulness in the future. Teaching kids to eat healthy and exercise is something that will stick with them throughout life, helping them to make better choices in the future.

Brushing Their Teeth

If you want to help your kid get healthy today and stay healthy tomorrow, the following are three things your kids should be doing.

  1. Brushing Their Teeth

Let’s face it. You probably remind your kids to brush their teeth so much that you often consider starting your own dental practice just because of the skills you have. Getting your kids to brush their teeth may be challenging, but it’s important. Regular brushing removes plaque and harmful bacteria that could cause oral and other serious health conditions, such as diabetes. If your kids fight you about brushing their teeth, try to make it fun. Invest in fun toothbrushes, such as those that are electronic or those that have a favorite character on them. You can also buy toothpaste in kid-friendly flavors, such as strawberry or cotton candy. There are also fun mouthwashes to choose from, or buy the dental disclosing tablets to show them where they missed.

  1. Exercising

Exercising is important for young children, especially since we live in a technology-driven world where video games, computers, and TVs easily distract us. Make it a point to get your kid some exercise. Find a kid-friendly workout routine you can do together. Get outside as a family and play a game of baseball, soccer, tennis, or even go for a bike ride. You can also sign your child up to play a league sport or take an exercise class that will get them moving. Creating fun obstacle course competitions in the backyard is also a great way to get your child the exercise that he or she needs. Regular exercise is important for your child’s health.

  1. Eating Right

Obviously, you know by now that your child needs to have a healthy diet in order to remove their risk of diabetes, obesity, or other poor diet-related issues. Try to make sure that your child is getting the right amount of fruits and vegetables every day. If your child fights you on this, be creative. Make them a smoothie and tell them it’s a milkshake. Blend up vegetables and add that to your pizza or spaghetti sauce. Make fruit or vegetable popsicles. If your child enjoys store-bough snacks, such as fruit snacks, buy the organic kind or those made with 100 percent fruit/fruit juice. There are plenty of ways to ensure your child gets the nutrients they need from fruits and vegetables without having to fight with them.