24 Hour Vet Hospitals & Pet Care

Having a pet is like having a child and just like with humans, accidents occur and illness can strike at any moment leaving you in need of immediate medical attention. For a lot of pet owners, however, this can be a frightening experience a the local vet clinics are closed and they’re left with seemingly nowhere to turn when tragedy strikes. Thankfully there has been a recent emergence of 24 hour vet hospitals that offer round-the-clock emergency pet care and pet surgery for the times when you need it most.


24 Hour Care

 During the day, these veterinary hospitals function just like a regular clinic. They will have appointments scheduled in which people are able to bring in their cats, dogs, rodents and other exotic pets in for checkups, vaccinations and surgeries. If you’re fortunate enough to live close to a 24 hour vet hospital that offers clinical hours, it would be a fantastic idea to choose them as your primary doctor for your pet. Not only do these hospitals provide excellent general care, but they also tend to be more equipped and prepared for anything, so you’ll be getting the absolute best for your furry friend.

Treatment Specialists

There are also some vet hospitals that employ veterinarians who have specific training and experiencing in dealing with trauma and other diseases. Pet cancer doctors, for example, can sometimes be found at these locations and are able to not just effectively diagnose cancer in pets, but also work with the owners to come up with a treatment plan, discuss all the options and offer surgical consultations. The fact that they belong to a 24 hour practice makes their service additionally invaluable, as having a pet who is ill with cancer is a nerve-wracking experience that can unfortunately take a turn for the worse out of the blue. Knowing that you have a 24 hour hospital that will be able to help regardless of the time of day provides an ease of mind that can help owners worry less and focus on tending to their sick pet and assisting them as much as possible on the road to recovery.

Critical Care Services

You may be asking yourself what some of the additional services and benefits that a 24 hour vet hospital provides. In addition to the typical services offered by a veterinary clinic, 24 hour vet hospitals have an ICU for animals that require constant, compassionate round-the-clock care. There are emergency veterinarians and technicians available all day, every day. They are well-versed in the fast-paced and demanding atmosphere which enables them to function under high-stress situations. The most common critical cases faced by them include car accident trauma, heart failure, kidney failure, diabetic ketoacidosis, toxic ingestion and snake bites.

The type of emergency services often provided include rapid in-house bloodwork for quick diagnosis, digital x-rays and scans, ultrasounds and endoscopy procedures, anesthesia and surgery, oxygen support and blood transfusions. If you bring a pet in that is suffering from a trauma, the qualified staff at a 24 hour hospital will work to bring your animal to stable condition and can from there provide additional care and/or referrals to local veterinarian to ensure a successful post-operative or post-traumatic recovery.