Lounge In Comfort And Style During The Summer Months With Accessibility Equipment

In 2011, approximately 5.6 per cent of Americans had a disability that threatened their independent living and state of daily activity. If you’ve ever been sick and stayed home with a cold, you know how badly you felt for just that limited amount of time. But what if you were faced with an injury or illness that impacted your routine on a regular basis? Smart consumers know that mobility products like wheelchairs and lifts can make a big different to their daily quality of life.


The summer months urge lots of people to get outside so they can enjoy the beautiful weather and take advantage of an active lifestyle. But if you have trouble with mobility, it can be difficult to join your friends for a barbecue or travel for an out-of-town wedding. A motorized wheelchair can be a game-changer for anyone experiencing these issues. With new technology, there are lightweight models can be easier powered and steered by the user and can be loaded into a vehicle for easy transportation. These are easy-to-use for older people and those recovering from an injury.

Sometimes, you need to stay inside during the summer months so you can heal or because you are dealing with an illness. Walkers, canes, wheelchairs and lift chairs can all help individuals get around the house and relax. A comfortable chair is always nice to sit in when watching television or reading. However, after sitting for some time, it can be difficult for the person to get up on his or her own. Lift chairs allow the transition from moving from a sitting to standing position to be much easier. With a flip of a control, the chair will move from its traditional seated stance to a more angled position. While this simple action happens all the time, think about how much more difficult it would be if you were experiencing mobility issues. If there is someone in your life who could greatly benefit from this technology, help to make a difference by allowing them to gain access to new technology.

Finding the right lift chair can take some time because they come in so many different sizes and styles. If you know that your injury will heal over time, it may not make sense to purchase this item. Smart consumers instead rent accessibility equipment, such as lift and wheel chairs, from a reputable company. The Miami-based organization Medi Plus Mobility for example, offers electric wheelchair rentals that come with an excellent customer service program. For more information, head to Mediplusmobility.com/Electric-Wheelchair-Rentals-Miami.html to find out about their low price guarantee.

Dealing with an injury can be an extremely draining process. Not only is there the physical discomfort but the psychological toll of being isolated from your friends and family and unable to get around can be extremely distressing. But if you are recovering this summer, you might as well do it with as much comfort and mobility as possible. By taking advantage of the freedom products like electric wheelchairs and lift chairs offers, you can recuperate in style.