What New Drug Free Therapy Can Treat Your Acne

When acne is considered by many to be a problem affecting only teenagers, it’s embarrassing when you’re still seeing pimples on your face in your thirties. Many people resort to creams and salves in an attempt to soothe the irritated inflammation, hiding behind pounds of makeup to cover up as much as they can. But these efforts only ineffectually mask the symptoms without treating the root cause of this skin condition. Often times, makeup and over-the-counter creams can make your acne worse, clogging your pores with chemicals and compounds that irritate your existing acne.

Treat Your AcneTrying to find the right sort of treatment for this chronic skin condition can be no small task. The amount of creams, washes, toners, and ointments that are on the market claiming to have cured millions of users is overwhelming. While the companies responsible have proven to be marketing successes for having you buy their products, the products themselves are totally ineffectual against your acne.

On the other hand, acne medications that a dermatologist prescribes you are equally as unsuccessful. The unfortunate truth is that studies show that in 40% of cases, acne bacteria is insensitive to oral antibiotics and treatments. Meanwhile, as you’re ingesting costly tablets that do nothing to combat your acne, you’re lining yourself up for some painful side effects like even further irritated and severely dry skin.

There is a new treatment that effectually targets acne without the terrifying side effects or shocking price tag. Laser acne treatments are a safe, effective, and affordable alternative to drugs and ointments. In roughly eight treatments, this therapy starts to show results, visibly reducing the appearance of acne by 60-65 percent.

Using state-of-the-art technology, skin care professionals use pulsing light that destroy the pore-clogging bacteria and treat the inflamed skin around it. These technicians administer these treatments quickly and safely, so you can have clear skin in no time. To find locations that offer these safe and reliable treatments, look for the trusted skin care clinic. Hairfree Laser Skin Clinics are renowned for their commitment to their clients’, as they create effective and affordable ways to treat whatever skin problems is causing them grief, including anti-acne procedures. Because they only hire technicians who are fully trained and experienced, your skin is in the best hands. These drug and chemical free laser acne treatments provide a permanent solution to this chronic skin condition that affects so many people.