Surgery – The Non-invasive Way

When you think of surgery, flashing images of scalpels, anaesthetic and doctors wearing hygiene masks probably race through your head. Those gargantuan, clinical operating theatres filled with tools and implements to slice and dice you.

But it’s not all about cuts and incisions – when cosmetics are in question, non-invasive techniques can regularly be your best bet.

Laser hair removalIndeed, beautifying surgery is still dangerous. So finding new and ingenious ways to avoid a scalpel can be vital for your peace of mind and your physical health.

With that in mind, what are your options?

Love a laser

You probably associate lasers with satellites, Bond villains and those little pens that kids use to irritate each other. But the lovable laser can also help you look stunning.

Laser hair removal is perfect for those people who’ve got more bristles than an industrial door mat. After a maximum of six sessions, these pain-free, non-invasive lasers will have scythed off your pesky follicles for good.

The result? You’ll have an ideal bikini bod as soon as summer season hits, and all without using razors or waxing strips.

Feel the peel

Exfoliating is a fine way to look beautiful, but it’s nowhere near as effective as applying a chemical peel.

Think of a peel as the most thorough exfoliation of your life. Chemicals are applied to your face that will harden before being removed, taking your wrinkles with it.

Your regenerated skin will be smoother, younger and far more satisfying when you look in the mirror.

Smooth out your skin

You’ve seen glitzy A-listers do it – now it’s time to enjoy a Botox injection with the best of them.

Essentially, Botox is an injection of chemicals that will stiffen and, in turn, smooth out your skin. It’s ideal for those of you who are sick of fighting off ageing with mere creams – Botox is like the AK-47 to anti-aging cream’s water pistol.

Before you race into an injection, consult your doctor to ensure you won’t suffer an allergic reaction. No one wants to walk out of a Botox Clinic with a balloon-head.

Forget the sweat

As the REM song didn’t go, everybody sweats. The release of perspiration is a natural part of life. But it can also be a nightmare.

Just imagine speaking during a business presentation, knowing that you’re perspiring gallons of sweat as it soaks through your shirt.

So, thank the heavens that hyperhidrosis injections exist. Specifically designed to reduce sweat, they’ll ensure your pores aren’t teeming with the wet stuff.